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By Stanley Bob-Carl Ozoemena. (0803 667 7521, Owerri). 5am Tuesday-28th-June-2022.


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We can help you with that write-up! Oh, yes we can! :)

1. We're passionate writers. We love to write. Writing is life, abeg. Especially when you've learned to free your pen. And your mind.

We're a team of dedicated writers here in Owerri always ready to write compelling 2,000 to 5,000 words ( or even more, should the need arise! ) for your company newsletter. Communicate effectively with customers, would-be-customers, well-wishers, shareholders, sponsors, friends, et cetera. Engage your "tribe" on these interwebs! Words, Baby! :-) Great words that make great meaning to customers. Text that engages. Love and friendship and teaching. Copy that furnishes your people with the information that they require. Inform your tribe. Keep them posted about what's going on in your business life. What did your company create today? How did last week's shareholder meeting go? What's the new Software Department workflow that Human Resources has been working on for the past two months? Which products will be shipping in January of next year? Tell them about the great products and services that you have planned for them in the near and distant future. Nurture your community. Include photos of shareholder meetings, etc. Constantly churn out great posts for social media to start buzzes among friends and customers.


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2. Provided your business is legitimate, we've got you covered! We create great content for websites and social network presences in the form of text and images -- regardless of what profession you're in. Call the computer nerd on 08036677521 (Owerri). Enable the Google search engine easily find your business when people do a simple search looking for the kind of services that you offer. Let's help you create a lot of professional and pertinent content for your business after we do a short interview with you where we ask you questions to help us get the information we need to create the articles that your website with prosper through.

3. We interview you. We go deep into your aspirations/psyche. We find your business case -- or help you create one. We write to make your customers see this warm and friendly side of your company Friendship. Goodwill. Parties. Community. We write outlines. We study the voice interview we did of you and carry out brainstorming and critical thinking. We figure it out, Homie. We paint pictures with words. Pictures/painting to inform your customers. Great text to help your customers know you better. We can also quickly create a Drupal website for you. We're your friends and your partners in the Internet game. B2B and B2C.

4. We carry out extensive online research on whatever topic you engage us to work on. Google is our friend, YouTube is our mainstay :). Need I say more. Call Stanley on 08036677521. Let's start creating content for you pronto!

5. We're also passionate Drupal website builders. We can quickly create a website for you to dump all these great articles that we've created for you. One day your website shall grow/evolve into a DrupalCommerce online shop through which you sell to your broad customer-base.


...done with s-pen, adobe photoshop touch, samsung galaxy note 10.1_old model

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Wherever your imagine takes you. Now you can communicate the world anyway that you want. That's the power of Drupal. Idea factory...

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-- Drupal 8 on Linux shared web-hosting on A2hosting ( Ann Arbor, Michigan ). Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

-- CorelDRAW, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop Touch (with s-pen)

-- Adobe After Effects

-- Unity3d

-- Blender3d

-- C# programming on Microsoft Visual Studio 19. Windows Forms Applications. WPF too.